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Half a mile to the north of Monymusk a Neolithic site was discovered in a field, with Beaker peoples graves, standing Pictish stones and tools scattered all around. The area has been inhabited for the last 8,000 years, the first inhabitants arriving within a couple of thousand years of the last ice age.

Monymusk Kirk

It is likely there was a very early wood and thatch church on the site of the present parish church, as St Ninian may have converted this area in the 5th century. The church was blessed by Malcolm Canmore before a battle in 1090. He returned afterwards and founded the tower in thanks of his victory. Canmore's wife, Queen Margaret, affiliated St Marys to the Catholic church at this time and very little can now be found about the lives of these early Christians, the Culdees, who lived amongst the community and practised the teachings of St Ninian and the early church in the first five hundred years at Monymusk.

Art Coming Up
The future of the Monymusk Arts Trust after April 2019 has had the Gallery in the Arts Trust since May.

Next Musical Concert
Calum Robertson (clarinet & Organ & Soprano Sally Carr) will be the next performance.

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