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The Arts Trust is housed in a beautiful little Georgian building which was originally built as a Lapidary (stone-polishing) Mill in the 18th century, and was one of the numerous cottage industries Sir Archibald Grant founded. It was never very successful as two other mills controlled the water supply by being several yards higher up the same burn.

It was converted into an Episcopalian church in 1801, a few years after the English government lifted the restrictions placed on this largely Jacobite-supported form of worship after the 1745 Uprising.

The building was boarded up in 1939 when the Second World War broke out. Furniture was stored in it while the House was used as a hospital, but it never re-opened after the war.

The Arts Trust and pre-Victorian Organ

In the 1980?s a prospective tennent's survey noted an organ in its contents. With no electricity or water and boarded up with not one pane of glass left, the piled up pews and junk were clambered over (by another Sir Archibald) in the dark with a torch and a pre-Victorian organ built by H.C. Lincoln of London was discovered. Not one pipe remained standing yet it played perfectly, though the hand-operated bellows had to be pumped continuously as there were so many holes. David Murray, an expert in early organs, recommended Alex Edmonstone from Perthshire to do the restoration, his grandmother lived in the village square.

Art Coming Up
The future of the Monymusk Arts Trust after April 2019 has had the Gallery in the Arts Trust since May.

Next Musical Concert
Calum Robertson (clarinet & Organ & Soprano Sally Carr) will be the next performance.

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